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Respiratory Therapist

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Interview and examine patients with cardiopulmonary disorders. Consult with physicians to develop treatment plans. Monitor and record progress of treatments, and correctly document in patient charts. Treat patients by using a variety of methods including chest physiotherapy and aerosol treatments.

Duties and Responsibilities Deliver aerosol treatments per doctors’ orders, assist all physicians with intubations, manage and maintain BiPap. Manage and maintain ventilators per doctor’s orders. Perform inpatient and outpatient EKGs. Perform and analyze arterial blood gases, qualify patients for oxygen setup and management for at-home use. Manage inpatient oxygen therapy, monitor oxygen saturation. Implement preventative measures using incentive spirometry and education. Educate patients on smoking cessation and other therapeutic plans. Document patient care services by charting in patient records. Complete discharge planning by consulting with physicians, nursing and social work.

Hours: 3 -12 hours shifts – every other weekend