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Nuclear Medicine Technologist – Sign on Bonus $25,000

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Sign on Bonus $25,000

The technologist prepares and administers radiopharmaceuticals before beginning a scan—radioactive drugs that patients receive orally, by injection, or through inhalation.

  • Perform organ imaging tests, including full skeletal, cardiac blood pool, and major vascular blood pool tests, and cysternograms utilizing gamma cameras, and/or stationary camera devices.
  • Perform complex procedures, including injecting radiopharmaceuticals under the direct supervision of a radiologist.
  • Explain test procedures and safety precautions to subjects and provide them with assistance during procedures.
  • Ensure the environment is safe at all times for patient and staff.
  • Attain required approval and signature by nuclear medicine physicians.
  • Transfer, position, and instruct patients in preparation for procedures.

Hours: Varies

Excellent benefits

To apply for this job please visit communitymemorial.org.