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Community Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Hamilton, NY a rural college town. The hospital holds a 5-star rating in customer satisfaction and serves over 47,000 residents in Madison and its neighboring counties in upstate New York.

Our 5-star rating, state-of-the-art technology and brick and mortar enhancements are a few of the things that make Community Memorial stand out.   The most important part of our facility is our healthcare team, this team is what makes our facility a true leader in healthcare.

The Registered Professional Nurse is delegated the authority to provide professional nursing care as defined by the New York State Nurse Practice Act. The RN is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating care for a given patient population with the established standards and practices of CMH. This process is enacted through direct clinical practice, management of patient care and general professional activities.


Responsible for delivery of patient care through the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Directs and guides patient teaching and the activities of ancillary personnel while maintaining standards of professional nursing.
Understands and adheres to CMH Compliance Standards as they appear in CMH Corporate Compliance Policy, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy.
Keeps abreast of all pertinent federal, state and CMH regulations, laws, and policies as they presently exist and as they change or are modified.


  • 1 year of Ambulatory Surgery, Conscious Sedation and Pre-admission Testing nursing required.
  • Performs patient assessment and documents accurately in a timely manner per nursing and department policy.
  • Performs nursing admission assessment thoroughly and within timeframe.
  • Documents the admission assessment accurately and completely.
  • Performs skin risk assessment accurately and reassessment per policy and protocol.
  • Performs pain assessment and reassessment per policy and utilizes hospital approved pain scale and documents appropriately.
  • Monitors patient as appropriate for condition, status and safety according to nursing department policy.
  • Monitors patient’s vital signs and systems per protocol and documents on appropriate forms.
  • Recognizes change in patient’s condition or status and reports to charge nurse or physician as appropriate.
  • Works to ensure patient safety is maintained in all aspects of patient care, by following all policies related to National Patient Safety Goals, etc.
  • Raises concern about patient care and utilizes the Chain of Command as needed to prevent patient harm.
  • Performs safe administration and complete documentation of medications, IV fluids, and blood products in accordance with nursing policy.
  • Insertion of IV’s under aseptic technique and follows IV policy by changing site, tubing and dressing and documents accordingly.
  • Always follows hospital policy when administering blood products.
  • Maintains security of electronic signature with Omnicell and accounts for all narcotics removed from automated dispensing system through proper waste/return administration documentation.
  • Assesses and addresses educational needs of patients and families to include disease state, care and treatment.
  • Documents educational needs.
  • Distributes appropriate teaching sheets.
  • Includes evaluation of learner’s understanding post-teaching.
  • Contributes to or initiates discharge plan upon day of admission and participates in interdisciplinary planning.
  • Completes all pre-discharge checklist items.
  • Always gives patient correct forms and discharge instructions by using 2 patient identifiers.
  • Provides patient a safe discharge and appropriate follow-up information and community resources are in place.
  • Assist providers in performing procedures and treatments per unit, department specific and hospital policy.
  • Assist physicians/providers with beside procedures and remains competent with unit-specific procedures.
  • Performs read back of critical values and telephone orders when interacting with physicians as warranted.

Nursing Clinical Skills

  • Demonstrates the ability to perform nursing treatments and procedures.
  • Demonstrates competency, knowledge, and ability to perform nursing treatments and procedures safely and effectively.


  • Completely and accurately documents patient care activities and response in a timely manner in accordance with department and hospital policy.
  • Documents on a regular, real time basis all patient care activities in accordance to hospital policy.

To apply for this job please visit communitymemorial.org.