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Corporate Compliance Form

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Corporate Compliance Form

Dear Employee,

CMH encourages the reporting of concerns and/or suspicious activity. Non-retaliation and a safe reporting environment are components of our Corporate Compliance program. Please note that using this form allows you to remain anonymous, however, we invite you to include your information. Supplying your contact information allows us to gain more specific information to address the investigation or to directly provide you with follow up. Again, we will always keep the matter in the most strict confidence.

You may also call the Corporate Compliance hotline at anytime (315) 824-7016.

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Updated Visiting Hours: Effective Friday March 17, 2022

Visiting Hours: 11am - 7pm daily

*These hours are subject to change

  • Inpatients: 2 visitors at a time, no limit on the number of visitor's per day
  • Emergency Department: 2 visitors at a time, no limit on the number of visitor's per day
  • Ambulatory Surgery: 1 visitor per day

All visitors must undergo screening and wear a mask at all times. Visitors must be 12 years old or older.  If you have any questions or concerns please call (315) 824-1100