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The Annual Giving Fund

By supporting the Annual Giving Fund, you can make an immediate impact on the day-to-day operations at the hospital. Many grateful patients and loved ones use the Annual Giving Fund as a means of “giving back.” For more information, contact foundation@cmhhamilton.com or call (315) 824-7036.

If Community Memorial Hospital wasn’t in our backyard…what would our community do?

Patients suffering life threatening conditions rely on immediate care. Stroke and heart attack patient care comes down to the very second; every moment counts. Ambulances arrive, patients are rushed in for stabilizing, and emergency care is maximized while a transfer out to a larger facility is prepared. Lives are saved.

Existing in Hamilton for almost 70 years, caring for 45,000 patients across four counties, Community Memorial is a pillar of this community. When your loved ones need access to vital services, your family deserves the safe, convenient and truly impactful care that is offered here, locally.

Now, more than ever – we need your support. Our transformational project is underway and will enhance healthcare in our region for decades to come. Recognized again as a 5-star facility for patient experience, Community Memorial is renovating and expanding over half the facility to bring patients and their families an environment that matches the care provided within its walls. The COVID pandemic has heightened the need for local healthcare, and CMH is here for every patient that needs us.

You can be a part of what we do with a gift to the Community Memorial Annual Fund, to support all of our services in preventative and emergency care. Your gift will help ensure we remain a part of our community. When you or your family needs us, we’re here, providing quality care, close to home.


Every dollar means an MRI machine. Vital monitors. Defibrillators.

Every dollar goes to transforming the facility. Patient care. Human life.


Help us reach our next milestone.
Consider the tremendous impact YOU can make today and give.


For the community,

Michael Woltman Signature



Michael Woltman
Annual Fund chair and Cazenovia Resident


*Your generous annual fund gift will be included in our CMH: Building Today. Tomorrow. Always. Campaign.

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Updated Visiting Hours: Effective Wednesday March 23, 2022

Visiting Hours: 1pm - 7pm daily

*These hours are subject to change

Each patient will be allowed the following:

  • Emergency Department & Inpatient: 4 visitors per day, 2 at a time
  • Ambulatory Surgery: 1 visitor per day

All visitors must undergo screening and wear a mask at all times. Visitors must be 12 years old or older. Please contact Administration or the nursing supervisor with questions: (315) 824-6082.