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Nurse Practitioners Deliver Exceptional Care at Community Memorial

With healthcare at the forefront, patients are engaging more than ever with their primary care providers, and the Family Health Centers of Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) are seeing an influx of outpatient visits.

To both accommodate the volume of patients needing routine well-checks and physicals and also sick visits, nurse practitioners (NPs) have become increasingly common as primary care providers in many settings.  Several factors have attributed to this, as many registered nurses further their education and careers by advancing to the next level as a nurse practitioner.  “Working under the supervision of a physician, there are many benefits of seeing an NP for primary care needs,” states Dr. Robert Delorme, Chief of Family Medicine at CMH.  “There is a common misconception that an NP could provide a lower level of care, however, in my experience, NPs are really the backbone of the primary care system and have a heightened sense of compassion and skill.”


Working as an NP in the primary care field for ten years, Cindy Marshall knows the career development aspect personally and the reason behind her work.  “I started as an LPN and went back to school to complete the Nurse Practitioner program.  Now, working in family medicine as a provider, I love the opportunity to help patients in multiple areas of their health,” states Marshall.  “Emotionally, mentally and physically – all important ways we care for patients, especially in our rural setting.  The personal relationship with my patients is what drives the improved care provided.”


Physicians overseeing NPS provide a collaborative environment for patient care and additional attention to detail for more complex cases.  There is a seamless methodology that enhances the care patients receive.  “Nurse practitioners are as capable as physicians, especially for the more common diagnoses, and because they’ve been in the medical field for so long as registered nurses they bring such a vast strength in more than just clinical care,” adds Dr. Delorme.  “I’ve been a family medicine doctor for more than 40 years, I’ve personally worked with and supervised outstanding NPs.  I feel the patient care and satisfaction provided by them is incredible.”


Gwen Manley adds why becoming a Nurse Practitioner was about more for her than just a career move.  “I wanted to care for patients in an impactful way, improving their health but also their lives,” states Manley.  “NPs provide individualized, all-encompassing care to all ages and populations.”


To learn more about the expansive primary care services offered at Community Memorial or to inquire about an appointment with a provider, call 315.824.4600 or visit https://communitymemorial.org/family-health-centers/.